other projects
other projects

Hey, This Isn't Kamp's Ridge - trad climb first ascent in Utah with Tom McLaughlin

abstraction-finder - a program to identify classes and potential private methods in a file. (Python)

unutil.h - a file of humorously useless functions. (C)

chopiner - a program to visualize complicated out-of-time-signature runs common to Romantic-era music. (C++)

reducer - an interpreter for the untyped Lambda Calculus. (JavaScript)

monty-hall - A simulation / visualization of the Monty Hall Problem (JavaScript)

upgo.info - a parody of Silicon Valley start-ups.

Hilbert R-tree - a data structure used in graphics. (Haskell)

group-payments - an algorithm for minimizing the number of payments required to settle debts for a group of friends (Haskell)

gaits - calculation of gait patterns for four-legged animals, which is surprisingly interesting (C++)